Anonymous asked: Why are you crying, beautiful?

It’s just lyrics to one of my favorite songs. Love is all: the tallest man on earth. (:




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here come the tears, but like always I let them go.


if youre attractive and you talk to me first, chances are im very confused

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Anonymous asked: I think you are perfect. Beautiful in every aspect. I hope one day circumstances permit and I can share these feelings with you in a more formal way.

Thank you, you are lovely anon. I hope one day circumstances do permit, I would love that. 

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I wish I could do better by you, because that’s what you deserve. 

Anonymous asked: Are you friends with any?

Yeah there’s a couple that I talk to.

Anonymous asked: are there a lot of lesbians at csuf?

Um idkk about a lot but they definitely do exist lol.

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Always reblog.


Always reblog.

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But baby running after you, is like chasing the clouds..

I look at you now and have no idea who you are anymore.